About a Gaze for Fade City

      Sometimes I couldn’t understand why people always get frustrate, go insane, and blame to this city. Why? Because of its traffic? its people? all of the fatigue there? or its problem that happens in every corner of this city?

       I don’t know but I still love this city. I love the city lights, I love the crowd, I love the traffic, I love the train, I love the bus, I love walking on the sidewalk, I love using that pedestrian bridge, I love riding and driving around the city, seeing all of the building, skyscrapers, mall, resto, cafe, food, people, all of friends, and all of things in this city.

       It’s funny because I feel different to many people. I don’t mind if the city like that, because this is a place that my soul in.


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When the Time Stop

      Do you know when the time stop its tick?

       Time will fade. You will know until you have gone to ‘nowhere’ for unknown time and your soul feels an absence of all things that you have. You just feels like good-bye for everything. But there’s no good in every ‘goodbye’, isn’t it?

       When ‘hello’ become a word that don’t want to say, all you have done would be swept away by the time. It’s not easy; when you must stand to fly away.


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       I don’t know why sometimes I like to try understanding and observe what people do and what people think. Ya, I think I have some kind of interest to this sort of things. Perhaps it’s affected by many conflicts and interactions that occur among many people. From that, we could know what they want, tendency that inherent to them, seeking a signification among our thoughts, our relationship with other people, and how to control ourselves in dealing with many people, various situations and conditions that come to us. And then there were come in mind that we must recognize ourselves first before we judge people, judge what they do against others, and before we take some actions.

     Of course everyone has their own personality. But I think that it just like a tendencies. Ya, we could call it inborn tendencies that inherent to us, that labeling ourselves, and it could be obvious and clearly visible so we might think it cannot be changed. Finally, I tried to follow people to use some media to test what personality that I have.

       And the following results is…

– INFJ –


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An ‘Invocation-Words’ from Mom

       Have you ever heard that our parents word -especially mom’s word- is same as an invocation? I could guarantee and say ‘yes’ to that.

When I was child, I said, “Mom, I want to be a scientist. How?”

“Oh ya? Yaa, just try it. It depends on you. But, I think you’re more suited to be an economist or accountant.” She said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of your habit, and I know more about you than yourself.” She replied.

“Uh..Why could be like that? I don’t want become like that. I’ll prove to you, Mom”

       And then, time goes by until now..


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About a Gig

       It’s her special day, I just want to make her happy.

“Hey, how about attending a gig? There’s a one that you should come.” She said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Floatspot. This is their first special gig after a long time. Float is my favourite, do you know them? You must like it after watching it directly, because my taste is special and never wrong, not like you :p .” She replied.

“Uh..Okay, let’s see then.”

       And then we went to that gig in the night, in her special day that I had some planned to do for it. But, I tried to followed her first. I remembered her face in that time, with her cream outer and navy blue shirt with her shoulder lenght-hair. I love her on that night.


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Basketball, I really Love it.

       I love basketball, so much.

       What is basketball? That’s just throwing the ball into a ring. That’s a game that have many rules, and it’s difficult to play. In this country, it’s less popular than football and maybe it has no future. That’s what I think before I know this game.

       When I play it, I just feel very enjoy and happy; pleasurable. Shooting it, dribbling it, do a lay up, do some techniques and tricks, even do a dunk, it really give me a boost, spirit, and life. Ya, I love it so much, after I realized that I might not be able to play it again.


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