Basketball, I really Love it.

       I love basketball, so much.

       What is basketball? That’s just throwing the ball into a ring. That’s a game that have many rules, and it’s difficult to play. In this country, it’s less popular than football and maybe it has no future. That’s what I think before I know this game.

       When I play it, I just feel very enjoy and happy; pleasurable. Shooting it, dribbling it, do a lay up, do some techniques and tricks, even do a dunk, it really give me a boost, spirit, and life. Ya, I love it so much, after I realized that I might not be able to play it again.


        All of this started when I was in JHS. My brother invited me to playing basketball. I’m not a type of person that likes to exercise, playing any ball, etc. Why? because I know that my physicsal is weak, not suit to do things like that. I’m just a weak and thin kid, plus I think my parents didn’t want their kid fail and not focus in school thought that it could not help us in the future. Sports just a tool to make healthy and get refresh, no more than it. Academics is more important.

       I joined to my brother. I tried it, and then I feel like it’s not difficult as I think before. And you know what? I addicted to that. I feel like I have a talent and potential to this field. Moreover, I had thought to be a basketball player, even a NBA player :D.

       Everything happened so fast. In JHS I followed my brother to join the team, and eager to bring my school become a champion, like my brother did. Besides that, I wanted to let people know and try to playing basketball; in order to help and advance this field.

       At that time, I was inspired by some cartoon; Slam Dunk and Shoot. Although Shoot is about playing football, I was inspired by its story, both of that. Slam Dunk with Sakuragi and Rukawa, Shoot with its Kubo. I imagine how is their love to their fields. And I started to try it too. I like playing basketball game too in computer or play station. Even I often try to dribble the ball in my house, just to upgrade my skills. I’m sorry, Mom :D..

       I met a lot of friends, people, and experiences in this field. I started my way as junior player, learned from the senior, until I got a responsibility became a leader of the team, both on JHS or SHS. But in fact, I found a hard way in carrying and through it.

        I felt happy when found people that could play basketball well. It gave me a confidence and a boost to play. With that people, I thought that I could bring the team to the top, just like my brother and the senior. I could get a different level in practice. But afterwards I know that I couldn’t forced people to do what I want, like a routine training, extra training, etc. And I’m not a lucky person like my brother and other people have.

        Ya, maybe I was on the team as a junior when my team became a champion, and I got an incredible feeling from that. I felt ‘something’ when hearing the crowd, the shout. That’s why I really wanted to influenced my team too in future, but I couldn’t do it. I practiced a lot, more than other people, not to make me strong, but just to bring my team success. But still, that’s life. It’s not easy like we thought before.

         I frequently injured, I couldn’t do a lot when playing in a tournament, I don’t know why. I felt like I was a loser. Moreover, there’s a time that I didn’t want to take a step in this field again, because of my failure and my stupidness. When I tried to play it again, I have failed again and again.

       Ya, that’s life. Everyone has their own luck, and maybe I have no luck in this field. Everyone has their own business. Perhaps, I will not be able again to play it. I’m not a good player, but I know that I still love playing basketball. I love it so much. I’ll be waiting for it, again.


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