About a Gig

       It’s her special day, I just want to make her happy.

“Hey, how about attending a gig? There’s a one that you should come.” She said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Floatspot. This is their first special gig after a long time. Float is my favourite, do you know them? You must like it after watching it directly, because my taste is special and never wrong, not like you :p .” She replied.

“Uh..Okay, let’s see then.”

       And then we went to that gig in the night, in her special day that I had some planned to do for it. But, I tried to followed her first. I remembered her face in that time, with her cream outer and navy blue shirt with her shoulder lenght-hair. I love her on that night.


      Actually I’m just a boring person with flat routines. And I’m lucky to have her. She taught me to try ‘anti mainstream’ tastes. She let me know a new world; her world. And I started to enjoy it.

       That was my first ‘intimate’ gig. With less people that attended, with new song that I heard, with new ambience and atmosphere, with special person. I felt so many colors and very pleased seeing her face and expression in that moment.

       We were in the corner. When a band started playing, we sang together, with people who attended there. That’s an event that I loved, because it’s anti-mainstream that not everybody knows. I love the song, I love the ambience, I love the lighting, I love the concept of that gig, I love the people who attended it too, and it realized me to ‘something’ that I never met and felt before.

       Before that, I’m just an ordinary people who likes to watched, listened, and attended to a popular band with known label, big concert, like everyone did. But, she didn’t like it. That’s why I couldn’t guess what she thoughts. Because of that, I started to listening her song, I started to attend some gigs, I started to follow her color, I tried understanding what she want to, I tried to follow all about her. It’s just like I entered an ‘utopia’, a ‘sudden wonderworld’.

       It’s not only about a gig, it’s about her who let me knew her real world; Her soul, her feeling. In her special day, I should make her happy. But, she’s the one that make me happy and felt ‘something special’ in that day, and maybe I couldn’t give her something special like she did to me, until now.

       I will never forget the moment; when we hold our hands each other, when we spent our time intimately. And I feel so grateful to have her.


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