An ‘Invocation-Words’ from Mom

       Have you ever heard that our parents word -especially mom’s word- is same as an invocation? I could guarantee and say ‘yes’ to that.

When I was child, I said, “Mom, I want to be a scientist. How?”

“Oh ya? Yaa, just try it. It depends on you. But, I think you’re more suited to be an economist or accountant.” She said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because of your habit, and I know more about you than yourself.” She replied.

“Uh..Why could be like that? I don’t want become like that. I’ll prove to you, Mom”

       And then, time goes by until now..


       When I took a step in JHS, all of things went well like I had planned, even though beneath it all my ranked was down if compared to elementary. I don’t know why, maybe because I just more often followed the non-academic activities like a school organization (OSIS) or extracurricular. It’s okay I thought.

        Afterwards, I moved to SHS and finally I managed to get into science class as I planned before. But, I don’t know why, with same reason like JHS, I had never gotten a good ranked. Then, I just tried to learn and learn in order to get my goal reached. And once again, I don’t know why I felt like very hard to achieve it.

       After all, I have failed. I’ve tried it in my best. I felt like there’s something like a wall that stand in front of me to block me. It’s like it ordered me to take the other step. I wanted to go right, but I couldn’t. I tried again, but have failed again. And it forced me to take this way, not like planned that I wanted.

        I had to realize that I’m living in reality. Sometimes we must took a way that we didn’t want, but it must be. World doesn’t want us become a weak people, right? With a way like that maybe we could be better and stronger. Even so I must believe that beneath it all would give us something like wisdom and lesson in order to teach us what life it is, what’s the meaning of life, the real aims, and who has a power and entitled to decide? Because as people we only can try and try, and pray, isn’t it?

       I don’t know, maybe I only can guess that if I still on my way to be a scientist, there’s a chance that makes me more fall down. And I must be grateful after this all because when I become like this-An Accountant-, it’s the way that I must take and I can make them proud. And now I feel, this is the way I love and should be. I start to enjoy this thing. 😮

       And because of this, I told you that we should never ignore what our parents said, especially Mom’s said :))


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