I don’t know why sometimes I like to try understanding and observe what people do and what people think. Ya, I think I have some kind of interest to this sort of things. Perhaps it’s affected by many conflicts and interactions that occur among many people. From that, we could know what they want, tendency that inherent to them, seeking a signification among our thoughts, our relationship with other people, and how to control ourselves in dealing with many people, various situations and conditions that come to us. And then there were come in mind that we must recognize ourselves first before we judge people, judge what they do against others, and before we take some actions.

     Of course everyone has their own personality. But I think that it just like a tendencies. Ya, we could call it inborn tendencies that inherent to us, that labeling ourselves, and it could be obvious and clearly visible so we might think it cannot be changed. Finally, I tried to follow people to use some media to test what personality that I have.

       And the following results is…

– INFJ –


       The first thing that I see is a mentor. What is it? Should I become a mentor? Of course not I think.

       But, what is INFJ? Is that true that I tend to be intovert and more often to use feeling and intuition in making decisions or judging somethings? I don’t know, but after I read the explanation, I might say yes..

       It’s interesting to discuss this thing. Then I tried to discuss with some friends,  and our own results is different, indeed.  A has INTP, B has ENFJ, and I have INFJ. Actually it could all be seen when we answer that psychological questions. Even, we could know ourselves from our daily life. I just try to compare what I think and what the result is.

       They said that their personality is rare.  Of  course, mine is too. Then I said, “Your personality is rare, it means that you are a weird person and crazy :D.” I joked.

        Of course it cannot be use as our tool to judge people. We might know people around us from our daily life, from our interactions, etc. But I believe that everyone has their ‘real’ self behind this, has their own value, like an insightful or deeply mind to things or a secret in their life, that make them like this. Maybe we just know their external character without think what their inner, what things that make them or us doing some things or make a decisions to all.

       As an example, it tell that I prefer to think independently, focus on my inner experience, thinking, and let the outer environment influence myself. So, is it true or not that I have an introverted tendency? Maybe I could say yes, I have that tendency, but I could ensure that I’m not a 100% or 80% introvert person. Why? because in fact, our circumstances forced us to be a flexible person. Ya, I think flexible is more better than follow that tendency.

       In a real life I think if we still follow our tendency or our ego without controlling ourselves could make some trouble or conflicts with the others. I agree that this things -if we know our personality or even people personality- can take some advantages for us. Let’s imagine if from that we could bring a positive influences or some effect that can change people, some conflicts and decisions, or a solve a problem, because we would know what we have to do, what the right is, what the good is, and what the wrong or bad is. That’s why we must see and understanding to many people, to all of our circumstances or everything. We must think first before act or doing something (Maybe that’s why I got INFJ, huh..(y))

       Besides that, how about our intuition and feeling? It’s exactly could affect to our decisions, responding to things that come to us, to understand and adapt, but we couldn’t do it just based on that. We must think first, learn and evaluate the process, information, details, or anything. By using and utilize  the feeling, intuition, and our mind, it would be produce better result than we use it either.

       We must often hear a word, “you are what you think”. I agree to that, but I would agree or tend to “you are what you think and feel”. Why? because we live in a reality that forced us to keep in our balance. Like yin and yang, or sun and moon, or morning and night. Because God has give people a brain to mind, and heart to feel. That’s why we called a perfect creature.

       But, I think there is no one that have a bad heart, because heart is center of people’s soul, and a soul that given from God is pure; holy. A real us is our soul, then a brain become a tool for us to do a thing. So that, if only all people in the world use their brain and heart together, I think peace will be created. But, there’s no one in the world is perfect because of too many conflicts and affairs there. It’s just a choice for us.

       Once again, I would tell that people can change their ‘label’, their attitude, their habit, or their characters. It based on people’s will and goal. Thinking about habit, decisions, respond, attention, energy, character, relationship, material life, and all of things that related and come to us will make us realize, aware, and evaluate what we are. All of personality that form people affected by its life. Tendency of personality was formed by its life. That’s why we need each other in living the life.

      Have you ever thought to live with people who have a same tendencies? What will happen next? Because there are many people fail in their relationship when he and she has a different tendencies. Ya, I don’t know, and still not believe that. There are many factors in life, isn’t it? That’s just a tendency, not a ‘real’ us.



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