When the Time Stop

      Do you know when the time stop its tick?

       Time will fade. You will know until you have gone to ‘nowhere’ for unknown time and your soul feels an absence of all things that you have. You just feels like good-bye for everything. But there’s no good in every ‘goodbye’, isn’t it?

       When ‘hello’ become a word that don’t want to say, all you have done would be swept away by the time. It’s not easy; when you must stand to fly away.


       Time will fade.

     The hardest part of life has come. Everything has changed. And I’m no longer a part of things that I left; my world, left behind.

       One day, I could noticed it had been a very long time since myself smile. Pure smile. Not easy, but it really was become a real time to go away, to fix myself, until I could found what happiness was, what life was.

       I started writing, holding on to photograph, just make my sanity feel fine. Thoughts the wind would lead me back again; to you. Seasons changed, and I feel like I’m running from this sudden-place-never be.

       What must I do now? When the time started to stop, should I withdraw it? Break all the rules and way against all this odds? Why?

       Literally I must make things go right. Just like creating a chance again. Ya, I’ll find my way to get back again. Even so I still can’t made a promise, but I will try again, until I can ride a silver moon; Ya, it’ll be my smile I would see, soon.



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