About a Gaze for Fade City

      Sometimes I couldn’t understand why people always get frustrate, go insane, and blame to this city. Why? Because of its traffic? its people? all of the fatigue there? or its problem that happens in every corner of this city?

       I don’t know but I still love this city. I love the city lights, I love the crowd, I love the traffic, I love the train, I love the bus, I love walking on the sidewalk, I love using that pedestrian bridge, I love riding and driving around the city, seeing all of the building, skyscrapers, mall, resto, cafe, food, people, all of friends, and all of things in this city.

       It’s funny because I feel different to many people. I don’t mind if the city like that, because this is a place that my soul in.


So, why people must be like that? Do they know that they are the real problem to this? not the city. Why can they become angry for this? Do you all understand?

Sometimes I could triggered by people like that. They should shut their mouth and start to fix it all. If you don’t want get the traffic jams and tired for that, so please don’t use your car. Why? because you are the real traffic.I said that because I know. I used to utilize the public transport like a train/commuter line or a bus, but I never complained for that, just try to enjoy it. Try to enjoy and see your circumstances. Because it’s too precious for me. You must cherish it all.

Further along, when the moments became slow and my world standing still, and fading, maybe I’ve fallen in this stretches dream and far. I walked along in there, in the city that its light reappear but I just couldn’t hold it. I must know, it’s time to wake up for myself and say goodbye; as time goes by.

Funny to see how life can changed suddenly. Hope floats up high, as the day passes by, I knew that this gaze was fading. I just want make people realize that this city is just too precious to be treated such like that. Don’t let the light disappears.



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